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There are only two ways that your horse or dog can communicate that they are experiencing pain or feeling uncomfortable; the way he moves or a change in his behaviour. Any difficuly that your animal is displaying may be caused by a physical problem and should always be checked.

Physical issues with your dog


  • Difficulty in getting up or down

  • Stiffness

  • Changes in behaviour

  • Uneven gait

  • Dragging a limb

  • Pain or discomfort


Behavioural issues with your dog


  • Grumbling and generally not happy

  • Distress: crying or whining

  • Snapping

Physical issues with your horse



  • Lameness

  • ​​Stiffness in the gaits

  • Stumbling, falling, tripping

  • Disunited

  • Inability to take the correct canter lead

  • Uneven shoe wear

  • Stiffness on one rein

  • Resistance to flex or bend

  • Refusal to jump, rushing or running out

  • Hollowing

  • Difficulty in standing square

  • Inability to work on the bit

  • Rehabilitation after injury or illness

  • Cold backed

  • Changes in performance

  • Asymmetry: uneven muscle development


Behavioural issues with your horse



  • Napping

  • Rearing

  • Bucking

  • ​Unwillingness to work

  • Change in behaviour

  • Sour behavior

  • Problems when tacking up especially girthing

  • Snapping and biting

  • Unusual tail swishing

  • Stamping and cow kicking

  • Headshy


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