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Laura and Penny

Kathy has been working with my 28 year old show horse for a few years and I would highly recommend her! Penny struggles with muscle stiffness and arthritic joints which can lead to her finding it difficult to work correctly from her hind limbs and to stretch forward through her shoulders. When kathy first came out to Penny she identified a lot of muscular stiffness and tension she did some work with her and then came back a few weeks later to do some more, I then proceeded with my ridden work to find amazing results; Penny was very willing to work and became a lot softer to ride.Kathy now comes out to her on a regular basis to do her treatments and i have noticed a massive improvement with her flexibilty and muscle tone. Penny is a very sensitive mare and I have never found anyone who she would take to and relax during treatments but she absolutley loves Kathy and as much as she hates to admit it she enjoys her sessions!
Kathy is always very professional in her job and will always give you an honest answer, she is always very good at explaining everything she is doing to the horse and will leave the session with advice on work levels and a plan.

Laura Taylor

(Feb 2013)

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