Laser and Laser Acupuncture

Low level light laser (cold laser, class 3B) is used to stimulate the body's own healing process, assist with pain relief and support the immune system.



Laser is effective in a number of conditions including:

Muscle tension, spasm, trigger points, muscle tears

Wound management

Mud fever and rain scald

Bowed tendons

Ligament, tendon damage, synovitis


Bone spavin

Capped hocks

Hoof abscesses

Over-reach injuries  


Laser can be used to deliver acupuncture in a non-invasive way. The laser is used to stimulate meridians using the acupressure points and can be particularly useful for young and nervous animals. Laser acupuncture is completely painless and doesn't break the skin.


If you think your horse or dog might benefit call us to discuss