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Physio and rehabilitation

Horses and dogs can show many difficulties when moving from general stiffness to out and out lameness.


Your horse may show many signs to say they are sore such as

a change in behaviour

unable to take the correct lead

unable to bend or flex


general stiffness



A Physio session can help to relieve general muscle soreness and using myofascial release/sports massage/Laser/electrotherapy to mobilise the deeper tissues and joints.


If your animal is recovering from injury, surgery or an illness a session or course of  physio can help with rehabilitation by improving muscle tone, increasing circulation and improving mobility. Individual exercise plans both in-hand and ridden are devised for your horse.


If your horse needs rehabilitation livery KB Equine Therapy works in conjunction with Katy Bannon Equestrian to provide this service. Please contact me to discuss


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